Invitation: Felix Burda Award 2018 - Honoring the fight against Colon Cancer

donderdag, 9 november, 2017

Tender application Felix Burda Award 2018

Remarkable and sustained commitment in the area of colorectal cancer prevention deserves proper attention and recognition.
For this reason, the Felix Burda Foundation has been honoring outstanding and sustained commitment to fight
colorectal cancer with the Felix Burda Award for 15 years.

The prize is awarded in three categories.
• Medicine & Science (English or German)
• Commitment of the Year (only for German-speaking countries)
• Prevention at Work  (only companies based in Germany)
Since 2016 the category “Medicine and Science” has been opened to all European countries.
Applications in this category can be submitted in German or English.
Category "Medicine and science"
The category “Medicine and Science“ is designed for innovative scientific or medical measures and projects that protect people from colon cancer or allow cancer patients to lead lives worth living.

The category covers the following areas:
Basic medical research (in areas such as human genetics, tumour biology, molecular genetics, microbioms, tumorigenesis, the infectiology of tumours) and screening measures (including all invasive and non-invasive strategies of early colon cancer recognition, quality assurance and quality management of early colon cancer recognition programmes, structures of implementing screening programmes, risk stratification strategies) designed to research the development of colon cancer, to prevent it and to mitigate its effects.
New, original and unusual, evidence-based research and implementation strategies in connection with medical techniques (surgical methods, genetic tests, coloscopy, FIT, capsule endoscopy, virtual coloscopy) that are designed to serve the early detection of colon cancer, to prevent colon cancer and to fight the development of metachronous tumours (primary, secondary and tertiary prevention).
Medical measures and research projects with long-term effects that have been or will be implemented and that have or will have a significant impact on the colon cancer mortality rate (such as study invitation procedures and epidemiological studies).
Time frame and deadline
Only projects shall be considered that have been implemented or evaluated, completed or partially completed in 2017 or that have otherwise culminated in the course of the year (through publication, e.g.).
Projects can be submitted until the 12th December 2017.
Submissions are free of charge.
Invitation to tender Felix Burda Award 2018
Do you know any innovative project in the area of colorectal cancer prevention, or you yourselves have carried out a study?
We are looking forward to a clue or a submission.