Special offer for UEG's Member Societies - vast collection of educational material in the digestive health field

dinsdag, 20 maart, 2018

Throughout the year, UEG offers a vast online collection of cutting-edge educational and scientific material for the GI community – over 30,000 recordings, guidelines, abstracts, and livestreams during our annual UEG Week.

Special offer for UEG’s Member Societies

Make this resource directly available from your Society’s website and let your Society’s individual members, young fellows and website users search directly in the collection. See attached example screenshot to see how it would currently look like.

Installing this widget is very easy!

All you need to do is insert the code below at the designated spot on the website and your colleagues are directly connected to the whole collection.

<script src="//ueg.hybridwebcast.com/assets/_common/js/vendor/iframeResizer.min.js"></script>

<iframe src="//ueg.hybridwebcast.com/week2017/widgets/webcastteaser" class="meta-widget-webcastteaser" style="width:100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" onload="iFrameResize([{checkOrigin:false}], '.meta-widget-webcastteaser');" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The only technical prerequisite is that the user has enabled javascript.

We advise to keep the widget installed throughout the year to benefit from our continuously expanding collection and various offers. It will also allow your website users to directly access the livestream during UEG Week Vienna (October 20 – 24, 2018) !